5 Best Games Similar to Wildermyth

5 Best Games Similar to Wildermyth

1. Banished

Banished is a city building strategy game set in the 1700s. The city is put on the brink of disaster when its citizens start to starve. The player must feed their citizens, provide them with homes, and try to keep them safe from harsh weather.

In Banished, the player must carefully balance the production of food and goods with the population of their town. They must also keep their citizens happy by providing them with homes, clothing, and entertainment. There are several different buildings available, but the player must choose only a limited number of buildings in order to keep their town balanced.

2. Cities: Skylines

In Cities: Skylines, the player is tasked with building a city. The player can build residential, commercial, and industrial zones to earn income and produce goods. The player can also build parks, schools, and police stations to make their city more attractive.

Cities: Skylines is an open world city-building game. The player can design and build their city as they please. There are many different buildings available, and the player can create whatever they want: from a modern city to a tourist mecca.

3. The Settlers

The Settlers is a city-building strategy game. The player is put in charge of a new settlement and must find a way to feed their citizens. The player must also build a sustainable settlement by laying out their buildings in a way that's good for their citizens.

The Settlers has many elements that are unique to it. For instance, the player must not only build a settlement where their citizens can live, but they must also build roads to connect their buildings. The player can also create a military to protect their settlement.

4. Simcity

Simcity is a city-building game where the player creates a custom city. The player can zone land for residential areas, commercial districts, and industrial zones. They can also create transportation networks and add amenities to make their city liveable.

Simcity has many features that make it unique. For instance, the player can create a disaster scenario to see how their city might react to a challenge. The player can also create a disaster to see what might happen if they don't take the necessary precautions.

5. Tropico

Tropico is a city-building game set in the Caribbean. The player is put in charge of El Presidente’s island nation and must prepare for the inevitable invasion. The player can construct buildings to make their city grow, create an economy to provide for their citizens, and build an army to protect their country.

In Tropico, the player can build their city as they please. The player can also create their own history by deciding how the invasion will happen. There are many different buildings and resources the player can use, and the player can also create their own dictator avatar.